April 2014 ART EXHIBIT

Paintings by Eileen Dicks

Ms. Dicks has been interested in the creative arts all her life, arriving at painting via photography. Designing and creating gardens is another one of her passions. Using the white canvas as a challenge to give her the freedom to express her vision using color and style, she creates a different landscape each time.

Art Exhibit
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Art Exhibit
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In The Glass Case

Carvings by Kenneth Miller

Mr. Miller, a long time resident of Long Island, discovered his talent and love for carving after his retirement. He is a member of the Suffolk County Woodcarvers Guild. His particular interest is in carving "character" people, like the country doctor who was paid with a chicken, Santa Claus, or a baseball player.

The Friends of the Library will host a reception for the artists on Sunday, March 9, 2:30-4:00 PM

All works reproduced with permission from the artist.
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