Black History Month Romance and Chocolate

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Black History Month

This far by faith : stories from the African American religious experience
Williams, Juan.

Malcolm X : another side of the movement
Davies, Mark, 1963-

In the company of black men : the African influence on African American culture in New York City
Wilder, Craig Steven.

A shining thread of hope : the history of Black women in America
Hine, Darlene Clark.

Unchained memories : readings from the slave narratives

Colorblind : the rise of post-racial politics and the retreat from racial equity
Wise, Tim J.

Our kind of people : inside America's Black upper class
Graham, Lawrence.

Freedom is not enough : the Moynihan report and America's struggle over black family life : from LBJ to Obama
Patterson, James T.

The sweet breath of life : a poetic narrative of the African-American family
Shange, Ntozake.

I've got a home in glory land : a lost tale of the underground railroad
Smardz Frost, Karolyn.

Burial for a King : Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral and the week that transformed Atlanta and rocked the nation
Burns, Rebecca, 1966-

Behind the dream : the making of the speech that transformed a nation
Jones, Clarence B.

And justice for all : the United States Commission on Civil Rights and the continuing struggle for freedom in America
Berry, Mary Frances.

The professor and the pupil : the politics of W.E.B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson
Balaji, Murali.

Never been a time : the 1917 race riot that sparked the civil rights movement
Barnes, Harper, 1937-

We shall overcome
Boyd, Herb, 1938-

At Canaan's edge : America in the King years, 1965-68
Branch, Taylor.

On the road to freedom : a guided tour of the civil rights trail
Cobb, Charles E., Jr.

Fighting the devil in Dixie : how civil rights activists took on the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama
Greenhaw, Wayne, 1940-

They walked to freedom : 1955-1956 : the story of the Montgomery bus boycott
Hare, Kenneth M.

Dark days, bright nights : from Black power to Barack Obama
Joseph, Peniel E.

How free is free? : the long death of Jim Crow
Litwack, Leon F.

Reporting civil rights

Reporting civil rights

We ain't what we ought to be : the Black freedom struggle from emancipation to Obama
Tuck, Stephen G. N.

Freedom summer : the savage season that made Mississippi burn and made America a democracy
Watson, Bruce, 1953-

The Creole mutiny : a tale of revolt aboard a slave ship
Hendrick, George.

Slavery in New York

Barack Obama : the voice of an American leader
Price, Joann F.

Obama : the historic campaign in photographs
Willis, Deborah, 1948-

Going down Jericho Road : the Memphis strike, Martin Luther King's last campaign
Honey, Michael K.

Arc of justice : a saga of race, civil rights, and murder in the jazz age
Boyle, Kevin, 1960-

Hidden heroism : Black soldiers in America's wars
Edgerton, Robert B., 1931-

The echo from Dealey Plaza : the true story of the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail and his quest for justice after the assassination of JFK
Bolden, Abraham.

Turn away thy son : Little Rock, the crisis that shocked the nation
Jacoway, Elizabeth, 1944-

The Harlem renaissance : hub of African-American culture, 1920-1930
Watson, Steven.

Harlem Renaissance : art of Black America

Black farmers in America
Ficara, John Francis, 1951-

Motown : music, money, sex, and power
Posner, Gerald L.

Mercy, mercy me : the art, loves and demons of Marvin Gaye
Dyson, Michael Eric.

Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert : the wild saga of interracial baseball before Jackie Robinson
Gay, Timothy M.

Triumph : the untold story of Jesse Owens and Hitler's Olympics
Schaap, Jeremy.

Racing while black : how an African-American stock car team made its mark on nascar
Miller, Leonard T.

Being Sugar Ray : the life of Sugar Ray Robinson, America's greatest boxer and first celebrity athlete
Shropshire, Kenneth L.

The Portable Harlem Renaissance reader

Harlem stomp! : a cultural history of the Harlem Renaissance
Hill, Laban Carrick.

The 100 best African American poems

Best African American essays

Best African American essays, 2010

A nation within a nation : Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Black power politics
Woodard, Komozi.

Shaking the tree : a collection of new fiction and memoir by Black women

The African-American century : how Black Americans have shaped our country
Gates, Henry Louis.

In search of the promised land : a slave family in the Old South
Franklin, John Hope, 1915-2009.

Freedom flyers : the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II
Moye, J. Todd.

Fighting for America : Black soldiers-- the unsung heroes of World War II
Moore, Christopher Paul, 1952-

Centuries of greatness : the West African kingdoms, 750-1900
Koslow, Philip.

Africans in the Americas : a history of the Black diaspora
Conniff, Michael L.

The promised land : the great Black migration and how it changed America
Lemann, Nicholas.

Black profiles in courage : a legacy of African American achievement
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1947-

The making of African America : the four great migrations
Berlin, Ira, 1941-

Slavery and the making of America
Horton, James Oliver.

NAACP : celebrating a century : 100 years in pictures

Lift every voice : the NAACP and the making of the Civil Rights Movement
Sullivan, Patricia, 1950-

Bound for Canaan : the Underground Railroad and the war for the soul of America
Bordewich, Fergus M.

Forbidden fruit : love stories from the underground railroad
DeRamus, Betty.

From midnight to dawn : the last tracks of the underground railroad
Tobin, Jacqueline, 1950-

Like men of war : Black troops in the Civil War, 1862-1865
Trudeau, Noah Andre, 1949-

Firebrand of liberty : the story of two Black regiments that changed thecourse of the Civil War
Ash, Stephen V.

"We'll stand by the Union" : Robert Gould Shaw and the Black 54th Massachusetts Regiment
Burchard, Peter.

Frederick Douglass : selected speeches and writings
Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895 Selections. 1999.

Not even past : Barack Obama and the burden of race
Sugrue, Thomas J., 1962-

African Americans of Eastern Long Island
Domatob, Jerry.

African Americans of Western Long Island
Domatob, Jerry.

Rosa Parks : my story
Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005.

The last hero : a life of Henry Aaron
Bryant, Howard, 1968-

Freedom's prophet : Bishop Richard Allen, the AME Church, and the Black founding fathers
Newman, Richard S.

Marian Anderson
Kaplan, Howard S. (Howard Stephen), 1960-

Frederick Douglass
Russell, Sharman Apt.

W.E.B. Du Bois : a biography
Horne, Gerald.

W.E.B. DuBois, Black radical democrat
Marable, Manning, 1950-

Through it all : reflections on my life, my family, and my faith
Farris, Christine King.

Becoming King : Martin Luther King Jr. and the making of a national leader
Jackson, Troy, 1968-

The American journey of Barack Obama

The rise of Barack Obama
Souza, Pete.

President Obama : the path to the White House

Young Mr. Obama : Chicago and the making of a black president
McClelland, Ted.

Paul Robeson : film pioneer
Nollen, Scott Allen.

Bound for the Promised Land : Harriet Tubman, portrait of an American hero
Larson, Kate Clifford.

Harriet Tubman : the life and the life stories
Humez, Jean McMahon, 1944-

The world has changed : conversations with Alice Walker

Richard Wright : from Black boy to world citizen
Wallach, Jennifer Jensen, 1974-

Fighting for America black soldiers-- the unsung heroes of World War II
Moore, Christopher Paul, 1952-
Cassette Book

Forbidden fruit love stories from the Underground Railroad
DeRamus, Betty.
Cassette Book

The long road to freedom an anthology of black music

Tales of the out & the gone
Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934-

Best African American fiction 2009

Best African American fiction 2010

The curse of caste, or the slave bride : a rediscovered African Americannovel
Collins, Julia C., d. 1865.

The ragtime kid
Karp, Larry.

Red River : [a novel]
Tademy, Lalita.

Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance
Obama, Barack.
Large Type

Red River
Tademy, Lalita.
Large Type

A history of slavery in America

Midnight ramble the story of the Black film industry

Louis Armstrong, the gentle giant of jazz

Frederick Douglass when the lion wrote history

Romance and Chocolate

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The emperors of chocolate : inside the secret world of Hershey and Mars
Brenner, Joel Glenn.

Eat your way to a healthy heart : features chocolate and 99 other foods that help your heart
Applegate, Elizabeth Ann.

Chocolate : a bittersweet saga of dark and light
Rosenblum, Mort.

The Mrs. Fields "I love chocolate" cookbook : 100 easy & irresistible recipes
Fields, Debbi.

Bittersweet : recipes and tales from a life in chocolate
Medrich, Alice.

Chocolate on the brain : foolproof recipes for unrepentant chocoholics
Mills, Kevin, 1971-

Hershey : Milton S. Hershey's extraordinary life of wealth, empire, and utopian dreams
D'Antonio, Michael.

Like water for chocolate
Esquivel, Laura, 1950-
CD Book

Romantic themes
Mannheim Steamroller (Musical group).

On the moon
Cincotti, Peter.

Cooking with aphrodisiacs passion on a plate

An affair to remember

Brief encounter

Doc Hollywood


An Officer and a gentleman

White chocolate
Bowman, Elizabeth Atkins.

The chocolate cupid killings : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.

Obsession, deceit and really dark chocolate
Davis, Kyra.

Deveraux, Jude.

The summerhouse
Deveraux, Jude.

Deveraux, Jude.

Sunset over chocolate mountains
Elderkin, Susan.

The chocolate lovers' club
Matthews, Carole.

The time traveler's wife
Niffenegger, Audrey.

The invisible heart : an economic romance
Roberts, Russell.

Steel, Danielle.

Chocolate lizards : a novel
Thompson, Cole.

Better than chocolate
Waggoner, Susan.

The chocolate cat caper : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.
Large Type

The chocolate puppy puzzle : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.
Large Type

The chocolate mouse trap : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.
Large Type

The chocolate bridal bash : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.
Large Type

The chocolate jewel case : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.
Large Type

The Chocolate snowman murders : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, Joanna.
Large Type

Special delivery
Steel, Danielle.
Large Type

Chocolate dipped death : a candy shop mystery
Carter, Sammi.
Large Type

The chocolate mouse trap : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, JoAnna.

The chocolate jewel case : a chocoholic mystery
Carl, Joanna.

The age of innocence


Jane Austen's Emma

Legends of the fall

Love in the afternoon

Love Jones



Sense and sensibility

Strawberry & chocolate


The way we were

The Wedding singer

Wuthering Heights

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