Brimner, Larry Dane. Cory Coleman, grade 2
   Seven-year-old Cory Coleman's birthday party is ruined by the class bully,
who turns out not to be such a bully in the end. (J FIC)

Browne, Anthony. Willy the wimp
   A young chimpanzee, tired of being bullied by the suburban gorilla gang, decides
to build up his muscles so he won't be a wimp anymore. (J PIC)

Carlson, Nancy L. Loudmouth George and the sixth-grade bully
   After having his lunch repeatedly stolen by a bully twice his size, Loudmouth
George and his friend Harriet teach him a lesson he'll never forget. (J PIC)

Caseley, Judith. Bully
   Mickey has trouble with Mack, a bully at school, until he decides to try being nice
to Mack and making him a friend. (J PIC)

Cooper, Ilene. The Annoying Team
   Tim starts the Annoying Team to get back at the third-grade bully, but things get
out of hand as the group's activities expand. (J FIC)

Christelow, Eileen. Jerome camps out
   Jerome the alligator is looking forward to the Swamp School camping trip, until
he and his friend learn that Buster, the class bully, will be there, too. (J PIC)

Duffey, Betsy. Alien for rent
   When a small fuzzy alien appears at their school, third graders J.P. and Lexie
accidentally direct his powers against the bully Bruce and things get out of control. (J FIC)

Duffey, Betsy. How to be cool in the third grade
   When Robbie York is marked as a target by a bully at school, he decides that the
only way to survive the third grade is by being cool. (J FIC)

Durant, Alan. Big Bad Bunny
   Bunny is coming to get your money. Can anyone stop this bully? He's the biggest,
baddest bunny in town! Or is he? (J PIC)

Faulkner, Matt. Black belt
   After hiding in a karate school to escape a bully, Bushi wakes up in another
time and learns from a karate master that intelligence can be more powerful than mere
strength. (J FIC)

Howe, James. Pinky and Rex and the bully
   Pinky learns the importance of identity as he defends his favorite color, pink, and his
friendship with a girl, Rex, from the neighborhood bully. (J FIC)

Jennings, Patrick. The lightning bugs : an Ike and Mem story
   Ike feels bad about not saying anything to neighborhood bully Dave when Dave
insists on killing lightning bugs to separate their glowing parts from their bodies to make
"lightning rings" for the other children's fingers. (J FIC)

Karas, G. Brian. Home on the bayou : a cowboy's story
   Because he loves cowboys but can't imagine one living in a swamp, Ned hates
the move which he and his mom make to live with Grandpa near a bayou. (J PIC)

Kliphuis, Christine Robbie and Ronnie
   Best friends Robbie and Ronnie use teamwork to stand up to bullies at the pool.

Krensky, Stephen. Louise takes charge
   Louise enlists the aid of everyone in her class and together they outwit Jasper the bully.

Lovell, Patty. Stand tall, Molly Lou Melon
   Even when the class bully at her new school makes fun of her, Molly remembers
good about herself. (J PIC)

Ludwig, Trudy. My secret bully
   A girl confides to her mother that her best friend is treating her badly, and
together they figure out what to do about it. Includes a note to parents and teachers, as
well as related resources. (J PC PIC)

Mayer, Mercer. If I had a gorilla
   What's a boy to do when the big kids are picking on him? Scare them away with a
gorilla, of course! (J PIC)

McCain, Becky R. Nobody knew what to do: a story about bully
   When bullies pick on a boy at school, a classmate is afraid, but decides that he
must do something. (J PC FIC)

McCully, Emily Arnold. Grandmas' trick-or-treat
   Pip's two grandmothers, who cannot agree on anything, take Pipand her friends
trick-or-treating on Halloween. (JE FIC)

Meddaugh, Susan. Martha walks the dog
   Martha the talking dog rescues the neighborhood from a bully with the help of a parrot. (J PIC)

Nickle, John. The ant bully
   Lucas learns a lesson about bullying when he is pulled into the ant hole he has
been tormenting. (J PIC)

O'Neill, Alexis. The Recess Queen
   Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives
and challenges Jean's status as the Recess Queen. (J PIC)

Pfeffer, Susan Beth. Sara Kate saves the world>
   Sara Kate is disappointed that her super powers aren’t more heroic, until she uses
her x-ray vision to make the school bully leave her alone. (J FIC)

Rosenberg, Liz. Monster mama
   Patrick Edward's fierce monster mother helps him deal with some
obnoxious bullies. (J PIC)

Simon, Francesca. Hugo and the bullyfrogs
   Hugo the frog is miserable because he has to share his deep, muddy pond with the
big, bad bullyfrogs who make his life a misery. They call him nasty names, kick his ball
away and worst of all, drop him head first into the pond. (J PIC)

Smallcomb, Pam. Camp Buccaneer
   After spending summer vacation learning to be a real pirate at Camp Buccaneer,
Marlon feels much better prepared to return to school and face Carla, the bully who has
pestered her since kindergarten. (J FIC)

Sorel, Edward. The Saturday kid
    Leo wonders why Morty always causes him trouble, but after spending a Saturday
with his violin teacher and then seeing himself in a newsreel at the movies, Leo doesn't
worry about Morty anymore. (J PIC)

Wells, Rosemary. Benjamin & Tulip
    Benjamin is at a loss in handling Tulip's constant bullying. (J PIC)

Wilhelm, Hans. Tyrone the horrible
   A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest
bully in the swamp forest, until finally hitting on a successful tactic. (J PIC)

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