Aliki. All by Myself! J PIC ALI
      A child shows all the things he has learned to do all on his own.
Allen, Debbie. Dancing in the Wings. J PIC ALL
      Sassy tries out for a summer dance festival in Washington, D.C.,
      despite the other girls' taunts that she is much too tall.
Baicker, Karen. I Can Do It Too! J PIC BAI
     Supported by her family, an African American girl is self confident
     about what she can do and helps support a younger family
Belton, Sandra. Pictures for Miss Josie. J PIC BEL
    When his father first takes him to meet Miss Josie, a young boy is
    somewhat intimidatedby her, but through the coming years he comes
    to treasure her friendship and support and passes on his love of her
     to his own son Based on the life of Josephine Carroll Smith.
Benjamin, A. H. A Duck so Small. J PIC BEN
    When the other ducks laugh at Duffle for being too small to do
    anything at all, he tries unsuccessfully to imitate Kingfisher, Stork,
    and Woodpecker, but finally he finds something useful that only he can
Brandenberg, Franz. Otto is Different. J PIC BRA
    Otto learns the advantages of being an octopus and having eight
    arms instead of only two.
Brown, Margaret Wise. The Important Book. J 813.52 BRO
Bulla, Clyde Robert. Daniel's Duck. JE FIC BUL
    A novice wood carver is momentarily defeated when people laugh
    at the result of a winter of work.
Caple, Kathy. Harry's Smile. J PIC CAP
    Harry wants to send his pen pal a picture of himself, but his
    photographed smile looks so unattractive. He decides to
     stop being pen pals rather than send the picture and vows
    he'll never smile again.
Carle, Eric. The Mixed-Up Chameleon. J PIC CAR
    A bored chameleon wishes it could be more like all the other
    animals it sees, but soon decides it would rather just be itself.
    Cutouts along the edges of the pages display various animals
    and colors
Carle, Eric. The Very Busy Spider. J PIC CAR
    The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning
    her web, but she persists and produces a thing of both beauty
    and usefulness. The pictures may be felt as well as seen.
Carlson, Nancy L. ABC, I Like Me! J PIC CAR
    This is an alphabet book that explores self-esteem
Carlson, Nancy L. I Like Me! J PIC CAR
    By admiring her finer points and showing that she can take care of
    herself and have fun even when there's no one else around, a
    charming pig proves the best friend you can have is yourself
Corey, Shana. First Graders from Mars. Episode 3 : Nergal
and the Great Space Race. . J PIC COR
    When Nergal's first-grade class concentrates on health and fitness
    during Martian Health Week, he is very nervous about doing poorly
    in the upcoming space race.
Crowe, Robert L. Clyde Monster. J PIC CRO
    A young monster is afraid of the dark because he believes that a
    person may be lurking under the bed or in a corner.
Curtis, Jamie Lee. I'm Gonna Like Me : Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem. J PIC CUR
    A young girl learns to like herself every single day, no matter what.
Cuyler, Margery. The Biggest, Best Snowman. J PIC CUY
    Nell is told by her BIG sisters and her mother that she is too
    small to help out, but everyone, including Nell, feels differently
     after her forest friends give her theconfidence to build a large
De Paola, Tomie. The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. J 398.2 DEP
    Little Gopher follows his destiny, as revealed in a Dream-Vision,
    of becoming an artist for his people and eventually is able to bring
    the colors of the sunset down to the earth.
Everitt, Betsy. Mean Soup. J PIC EVE
    At the end of a bad day Horace feels really mean but then he helps his
    mother make Mean Soup
Fierstein, Harvey. The Sissy Duckling. J PIC FIE
    Elmer the duck is teased because he is different, but he proves himself
     by not only surviving the winter, but also saving his Papa.
Freeman, Don. Dandelion. J PIC FRE
     Dandelion overdresses for a come-as-you-are party and is turned
     away because the hostess does not recognize him.
Gorbachev, Valeri. Chicken Chickens. J PIC GOR
    On their first visit to a playground, two little chickens are afraid to
     play until a beaver helps them go down the slide
Grambling, Lois G. Daddy Will be There. J PIC GRA
    Describes what a young girl does each day, confident because
    she knows her father is there if she needs him.
Gwynne, Fred. Pondlarker. J PIC GWY
    Not satisfied being a frog, Pondlarker seeks a princess' kiss to
    fulfill his princely ambitions.
Havill, Juanita. Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher. J PIC HAV
    Jamaica copies from a friend during a spelling test because she
    wants a perfect paper, but her substitute teacher Mrs. Duval helps
    her understand that she does not have to be perfect to be special.
Hest, Amy. Make the Team, Baby Duck!M J PIC HES
    When Baby Duck is not sure she is ready to get into the pool with
    the swim team, her grandfather encourages her.
Hest, Amy. You Can do It, Sam! J PIC HES
    When Mrs. Bear and little Sam deliver the cakes they have made for
    their friends in the neighborhood, Sam carries the cakes all by
    himself, through the snow and up to the front doors.
Hoffman, Mary. Amazing Grace. J PIC HOF
    Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the
     school play because she is black, Grace discovers that she can
    do anything she sets her mind to do.
Jagtenberg, Yvonne. Jack the Wolf. J PIC JAG
    Jack is not happy on his first day of school until he is chosen to
    play the part of the big, bad wolf.
Kraus, Robert. Leo the Late Bloomer. J PIC KRA
    Leo, a young tiger, finally blooms under the anxious eyes of his
Krauss, Ruth. The Carrot Seed. J PIC KRA
    Despite everyone's dire predictions, a little boy has faith in the
    carrot seed he plants.
Kuskin, Karla. I Am Me. J PIC KUS
    After being told how she resembles other members of her family,
    a young girl states positively and absolutely that she is
Lionni, Leo. Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse. J PIC LIO
     Alexander, the mouse, makes friends with Willy, a toy mouse,
    and wants to be just like him until he discovers that Willy is to
     be thrown away.
Lionni, Leo. Fish is Fish. J PIC LIO
    When his friend, the tadpole, becomes a frog and leaves the
    pond to explore the world, the little fish decides that maybe he
    doesn't have to remain in the pond either.
Lionni, Leo. Pezzettino. J PIC LIO
    Little Pezzettino is so small he is convinced that he must be
    a piece of somebody else. A wise man helps him discover the truth.
Lucado, Max. You Are Special. J PIC LUC
    Punchinello's opinion of himself changes after talking to his creator.
Marzollo, Jean. Basketball Buddies. JE FIC MARM
    Paul, whose tallness makes him awkward and clumsy on the
    basketball court, receives help and support from his teammates
    and finds his game improving.
McKee, David. Elmer. J PIC MCK
    All the elephants of the jungle were gray except Elmer, who was a
    patchwork ofbrilliant colors until the day he got tired of being
    different and making the other elephants laugh.
McKee, David. Elmer and the Kangaroo. J PIC MCK
    Elmer the elephant and his friends Lion and Tiger help a kangaroo
    who thinks he can't jump.
Morpurgo, Michael. Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey. J PIC MOR
    A mistreated donkey in Renaissance Venice gains self-respect after
    meeting the Doge's kind daughter and becoming a hero during a
    devastating flood
Moss, Marissa. Regina's Big Mistake. J PIC MOS
    When told to draw a jungle in art class, Regina experiences feelings
    of failure andcreative insecurity, but manages to create a beautiful
    picture that's all her own.
Nobens, C. A. Shy Charlene and Sharyl. J PIC NOB
    Charlene the cat doesn't think she can do anything on her own,
    relying on the support of her hand puppet Sharyl, until they are
    both honored at her school.
Nolan, Lucy A. Jack Quack. J PIC NOL
    When an awkward duckling named Otis assumes a new identity
    as Jack Quack,Renegade Drake, he wins new respect from his
    family and friends.
Oram, Hiawyn. The Wrong Overcoat. J PIC ORA
    Despite the insistence of his family and friends that his new
    overcoat suits him perfectly, Chimp dislikes it so much that he
    finds a way to get rid of it.
Parr, Todd. The Okay Book. J PIC PAR
    In illustrations and brief text, enumerates a number of different
    things that are okay, such as "It's okay to be short" and
    "It's okay to dream big."
Penner, Fred. Proud. J PIC PEN
Peet, Bill. Pamela Camel. J PIC PEE
    Pamela proves she is an extraordinary camel when she
    saves an express train by stopping it before it reaches a
    section of damaged track.
Pfister, Marcus. The Rainbow Fish. J PIC PFI
    The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real
    value of personal beauty and friendship.
Pocock, Rita. Annabelle and the Big Slide. J PIC POC
    One cold fall afternoon Annabelle finally manages to go down
     the big slide in the park all by herself.
Piper, Watty. The Little Engine that Could. J PIC PIP
    When the other engines refuse, the Little Blue Engine tries to
    pull a stranded train full of dolls,toys, and good food over the
Prater, John. The Greatest Show on Earth. J PIC PRA
    Young Harry feels useless because he lacks the talents that
    other family members have ascircus performers.
Raschka, Christopher. Waffle. J PIC RAS
    A child who is always worried finds a way to overcome his fears.
Reiss, Mike. The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln. J PIC REI
    Eight-year-old Benjy, who resembles Abraham Lincoln, is tired
    of being teased and always being Lincoln in the school play, but
    a special camp helps him to appreciate his appearance
Reynolds, Peter. The Dot. J PIC REY
    Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's
    encouragement leads her tochange her mind.
Richmond, Marianne. Hooray for You! : A Celebration of “You-ness”. J PIC RIC
    Rhyming verses describe many of the reasons for celebrating one's
     unique qualities.
Rey, Margret. Spotty. J PIC REY
    Having been excluded from a party because his spots make him
    different, Spotty thebunny runs away from home.
Sebastian, John. JB's Harmonica. J PIC SEB
    After continually being compared to his father, a famous harmonica
    player, J.B. decides not toplay his harmonica anymore until he realizes
    that he can be a musician and be himself.
Seuss, Dr. Oh, the Places You'll Go! J PIC SEU
    Advice in rhyme for proceeding in life; weathering fear, loneliness,
     and confusion; and being in charge of your actions.
Spelman, Cornelia. When I feel Good About Myself. J PIC SPE
    A young guinea pig explains that self-confidence comes from learning
    new things without being afraid of making mistakes and to remember
    that everyone has different qualities that make them lovable.
Steig, William. Brave Irene. J PIC STE
    When her mother, the town dressmaker, falls ill, little Irene
    Bobbin braves a fierce snowstorm and other perils and
    pitfalls to deliver a beautiful ball gown to the duchess
Timmers, Leo. Happy with Me. J PIC TIM
    A little boy who just can't stop himself from becoming all the
    animals he reads about.In short order, he's a big, strong
    elephant, a splashing penguin, a twisted-up octopus,
    a snail who takes it easy, a super sniffing dog and a high-flying bird.
Torrey, Rich. Beans Baker, Number Five. JE FIC TOR
    When he is given an unlucky uniform number, Beans Baker
    considers giving up baseball rather than face kidding from
    the other players.
Van Leeuwen, Jean. Amanda Pig on Her Own. JE FIC VAN
    When her brother goes off to school, Amanda finds new things
    to do, including ballet dancing, cleaning her room, and making a
    very sad, mad day go away, with the
    help of hugs from Mother Pig.
Viorst, Judith. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
    On a day when everything goes wrong for him,
    Alexander is consoled bythe thought that other
    people have bad days too.
Waddell, Martin. Hi, Harry! J PIC WAD
    A tortoise tries to find someone who will play with him at
    his own speed.
Wagner, Karen. Silly Fred. J PIC WAG
    Silly Fred Pig decides to be more serious, like a beaver,
    only to discover that life is not much fun without somersaults
    and song.
Weigelt, Udo. Old Beaver. J PIC WEI
    After Old Beaver runs away because the other animals are
    going to replace him with a younger beaver who can build
     better dams, the animals decide that
     he is still valuable and that they want him back.
Wilhelm, Hans. A Cool Kid-- Like Me! J PIC WIL
    A young boy who is "cool" on the outside has some inner fears that he
    expresses to his grandmother.
Zolotow, Charlotte, William's Doll. J PIC ZOL
    William's father gives him a basketball and a train but these do not
    make him want a doll less.
Self Esteem Nonfiction
Charlip, Remy. Hooray for Me! JE 301.42 CHA
    Explores an individual's relationship to family, friends, and even pets
Harlan, Judith. Girl Talk: Staying Strong, Feeling Good, Sticking Together. J 305.23 HAR
    This book offers hints, clues, and suggestions that can empower girls
     to shape the world into the image of their own best hopes
Lansky, Vicki. 101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special. J PC 649 LAN
Phillips, Deborah. How to Give Your Child a Great Self-Image. J PC 155.4 PHI
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