In the Glass Case: Pottery by Peter Langmack

Peter Langmack studied design at Pratt Institute. He later lived in the Midwest, where he owned an advertising agency. After retiring he moved to Tuscon where he spent most of his time working with ceramics and studying with master potters. His hand-thrown decorative pottery is a combination of classic shapes and low-fired glazes. Most are fired using the ancient Raku process, often incorporating natural materials such as horsehair and weathered wood. Mr. Langmack's work has been shown in Arizona, Utah, Iowa and New York.

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Photography by Jeannie S. Schantz

A native of Shoreham, Ms. Schantz currently works as a freelance art photographer. Her subjects are often eccentric as well as classic, working in black and white and color. This is Ms. Schantz first solo show on Long Island. She concentrates on Long Island landscapes and artistic compositions. The Friends of the library will sponsor a reception for both artists on Sunday, January 13 from 2:30 to 4 PM.

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All works reproduced with permission from the artist.