Photography by Rasa Valiene
Ms. Valiene was born in Lithuania, and graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Kaunas, Lithuania, where she worked as a designer, art teacher and painter. Her work has been shown in Riga, St. Petersburg, Vilnius and elsewhere. In the ten years that Ms. Valiene has lived and worked in the United States, her paintings have been widely exhibited and won several prizes in juried shows on Long Island. This exhibit concentrates on her latest work, photos taken on LI beaches. She captures the natural forms of sand left by wind and waves, as it creates profound and beautiful images. Ms. Valiene printed these images on large canvasses, presenting the viewer with a work of art that portrays the peaceful beauty of nature. As a concerned environmentalist Rasa Valiene emphasizes in her most recent photos the beauty and vulnerability of nature.

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All works reproduced with permission from the artist.

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