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Unlock information in primary sources, critical articles, literary and cultural analysis, and biographies. Search across centuries to see the broader continuum of the story you choose to tell. We have integrated Literature Resources from Gale and Literature Criticism Online into a single research environment to help you take your research to new levels.

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Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
This is an online database with over 300k reviews, MARC records and related information on children’s literature. Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database contains A variety of search options to help you find books by subject, age level, genre.
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Fiction Core Collection
The selective list presented in this collection features classic and contemporary works of fiction recommended for a general adult audience, written in or translated into English. The best authors and their most widely-read works in literary and popular fiction—old and new—are listed, including mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, Westerns and romance.
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Gale Literature Criticism Online
Literature Criticism Online represent a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres. Literature Criticism Online includes: Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Shakespeare Criticism, Literature Criticism 1400-1800, Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Short Story Criticism, Drama Criticism, and Children’s Literature Review.
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Granger's World of Poetry
The Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry contains 250,000 poems in full text and 450,000 citations. The poems in full text are the most widely-read in the English language, as well as in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Included also is poetry in Portuguese, Polish, Yiddish, Welsh, Gaelic, and other Celtic languages, as well as poems in the ancient languages: Anglo-Saxon, Provencal and Latin.
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Literary Reference Center
The Literary Reference Center (LRC) is a highly graphical interface intended for public, academic and high school libraries. The primary goal of LRC is to assist high school and undergraduate English and Humanities students with homework and research assignments of a literary nature.
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Literature Resource Center
Literature Resource Center is your most current, comprehensive, and reliable full text online resource for research on literary topics, authors, and their works. Its coverage includes all genres and disciplines, all time periods, and all regions of the world.
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Novelist Plus
NoveList is a comprehensive readers' advisory solution for fiction lovers. It allows you to locate over 125,000 novels in a variety of ways, including "Author read-alikes", and "similar books". NoveList will help you to answer the question of what to read next.
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Something About The Author
Something About the Author Online brings you comprehensive online access to all volumes of Gale's award-wining reference set, Something About the Author, the main series, and Something About the Author: Autobiography Series. You'll find thousands of illustrated biographical profiles of children's authors and illustrators, all in an easy-to-use interface that is ideal for teachers, librarians, professors, students, and other researchers of children's and young adult literature.
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Twayne Authors Series
Twayne Authors Series comprises 600 full-text titles from the Twayne Literary Masters series, 200 each from Twayne World, US, and English Authors.
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