Allen, Debbie. Dancing in the wings
      Sassy tries out for a summer dance festival in Washington, D.C.,
      despite the other girls' taunts that she is much too tall. (J PIC)       
Andersen, H. C. The ugly duckling.
      An ugly duckling spends an unhappy year ostracized by the other
      animals in the barnyard before he grows into a beautiful swan.
      (J 398.2 AND)
Barbour, Karen. Nancy
      Nancy, the new girl on the block, is teased and ignored by
      the othergirls until she invites them to her birthday party. (J PIC)
Brown, Marc Tolon. Arthur makes the team
      Arthur worries that he won't be able to play little league baseball
      as well as all his friends and faces lots of teasing until someone
      discovers teamwork. (J PB Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book)
Brown, Marc Tolon. Arthur's valentine
      Arthur's wrong guess about the identity of the secret admirer
      sending him valentine messages leads to teasing by the other
      children, but clues in additional messages allow him to get his due.
       (J PIC)
Browne, Anthony. Willy the wimp
      A young chimpanzee, tired of being bullied by the suburban gorilla
      gang, decides to build up his muscles so he won't be a wimp
       anymore. (J PIC)
Bruchac, Joseph.
How Chipmunk got his stripes : a tale of bragging and teasing
      When Bear and Brown Squirrel have a disagreement about
      whether Bear can stop the sun from rising, Brown Squirrel
      ends up with claw marks onhis back and becomes Chipmunk,
      the striped one. (J 398.24 BRU)
Bunting, Eve. Swan in love
      Despite the ridicule of the other animals, Swan persists in
      his adoration for a swan-shaped boat named Dora. (J PIC)
Caple, Kathy. The biggest nose
      Eleanor the elephant is self-conscious about her large nose
      after, she is teased by Betty, the hippopotamus, but she overcomes
      her sensitivity when she realizes Betty has the biggest mouth.
      (J PIC)
Carlson, Nancy L. Loudmouth George and the sixth-grade bully
      After having his lunch repeatedly stolen by a bully twice his size,
      Loudmouth George and his friend Harriet teach him a lesson he'll
      never forget. (J PIC)
Caseley, Judith. Ada Potato
      Ada stops playing her violin after some older children make fun
      of her but Mama helps her find a way to handle their teasing. (J PIC)
Fierstein, Harvey. The sissy duckling
      Elmer the duck is teased because he is different, but he proves
      himself by not only surviving the winter, but also saving his Papa.
      (J PIC)
Foreman, Michael. Wonder goal!
      A boy describes what it feels like to score a goal that makes
      his soccer teammates stop teasing him. (J PIC)
Glaser, Linda. Keep your socks on, Albert!
      Adventures of a young brother and sister who enjoy each
      other but can't resist teasing. (JE FIC)
Hadith, Mwenye. Crafty Chameleon
      A chameleon bedevilled by a leopard and a crocodile uses
      his wits to get them to leave him alone. (J PIC)
Hartmann, Wendy.
The dinosaurs are back and it's all your fault Edward!
      Edward gets more and more nervous as his older brother
      tries to convince him that a dinosaur egg is about to hatch
      under his bed. (J PIC)
Hazen, Barbara Shook. The new dog
      When Tootsie, a small, pampered dog, joins Danny
      Dougle's Dogwalking Group, he is teased and tormented by
      the other dogs until he wins their respect by foiling a robbery.
      (J PIC)
Henkes, Kevin. Chrysanthemum
      Chrysanthemum loves her name, until she starts going to
      school and the other children make fun of it. (J PIC)
Hines, Anna Grossnickle. Mean old Uncle Jack
      Uncle Jack loves to tease the kids with scary mean
      faces and mean noises, but one day his nieces and
      nephews turn the tables on him. (J PIC)
Killion, Bette. The same wind
      A girl asks if the wind that blows through her curtains at night
      is the same wind to be found playing with tumbleweeds,
      building a tornado, or teasing a sail on a tropical river. (J PIC)
McNamara, Margaret. The pumpkin patch
      Katy finds what she thinks is the perfect pumpkin on a class
      field trip to a pumpkin patch, but after her classmates tease her
      about howsmall it is, it is up to Katy's father to show her how
      perfect her pumpkin can be. (JE FIC)
Mills, Claudia. Phoebe's parade
      Not even her brother's teasing can spoil Phoebe's excitement
      about being a Peewee Majorette in the Fourth of July parade.
      (J PIC)
Norac, Carl. Hello, sweetie pie
      Lola the hamster is teased by her classmates after
      they learn that Lola's parents call her "babycake,"
      "sweetie pie," and "fairy princess." (J PIC)
Prelutsky, Jack. Brave little Pete of Geranium Street
      When he finally gets the cake he believes will make him strong,
      Pete becomes brave enough to face two bullies. (J PIC)
Reiss, Mike. The boy who looked like Lincoln
      Eight-year-old Benjy, who resembles Abraham Lincoln, is tired
      of being teased and always being Lincoln in the school play,
      but a special camp helps him to appreciate his appearance. (J PIC)
Richardson, John. Grunt
      Teased by his older siblings about his appearance and tiny squeal,
      a little piggy finds acceptance with an equally odd-looking
      companion who teaches him to celebrate his differences and
      recognize that others will appreciate his uniqueness, too. (J PIC)
Rimes, LeAnn. Jag
      Jag learns to face both her fear of water and her fear of
      ridicule by comforting someone else who doesn't fit into the group.
       (J PIC)
Sadler, Marilyn. Honey Bunny Funnybunny
      Honey Bunny Funnybunny feels that something is missing when
      her bothersome big brother finally stops teasing her. (JE FIC)
Schami, Rafik. Albert & Lila
      Albert, the only white pig on the farm, and Lila, a chicken
      too old to lay eggs, suffer the ridicule of their fellow animals
      until they join forces and defeat a hungry fox who comes to call.
      (J PIC)
Soto, Gary. If the shoe fits
      After being teased about his brand new loafers, Rigo puts
      them away for so long he grows out of them. (J PIC)
Wilhelm, Hans. Tyrone the horrible
      A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing
      with the biggest bully in the swamp forest, until finally hitting on
      a successful tactic. (J PIC)
Willner-Pardo, Gina. Daphne Eloise Slater, who's tall for her age
      Daphne didn't mind being the tallest girl in her class until
      third grade, when a classmate begins teasing her about her height
      and she must decide whether to retaliate. (J FIC)
Zalben, Jane Breskin. Buster gets braces
      After being fitted with braces, Buster copes with having to eat
      mushy foods and hearing his sister's teasing. (J PIC)
(JE 152.4 BER) Berry, Joy Wilt. Let's talk about teasing
(J PC 302.3 THO) Thompson, Michael. Mom, they're teasing me : helping your child solve social problems
(J 303.69 ADA) Adams, Lisa K. Dealing with teasing
      Discusses why people tease, the difference between affectionate
      and mean or cruel teasing, and offers suggestions for how to deal
      with the latter.
( J 646.7 COH) Cohen-Posey, Kate.
How to handle bullies, teasers, and other meanies : a book that takes the nuisance out of name calling and other nonsense
      Provides information on what makes bullies and teasers tick,
      how to handle bullies, how to deal with prejudice, and how to
      efend oneself when being teased or insulted.
(J PC 649.1 COO) Cooper, Scott.
Sticks and stones : 7 ways your child can deal with teasing, conflict, and other hard times
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