Booth, Barbara D. Mandy. J FIC BOO
   During an impending storm Mandy, a hearing-impaired girl risks
   going out into the scary night to look for her beloved grandmother's
   lost pin
Carlstrom, Nancy White. Northern Lullaby. J PIC CAR
   A child says goodnight to the natural world and all those that occupy it.
Everett, Gwen. Li'l Sis and Uncle Willie: A Story Based on the Life and Paintings of William H. Johnson. J B JOHNSON
   Surveys the life of African-American artist William H. Johnson as his
   young niece might have told it. The artist's paintings provide the
Friedman, Ina R. How My Parents Learned to Eat. J PIC FRI
   An American sailor courts a Japanese girl and each tries, in secret,
   to learn the other's way of eating.
Hoffman, Mary. Amazing Grace. J PIC HOF
   Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the
   school playbecause she is black, Grace discovers that she can do
   anything she sets hermind to do.
Joosse, Barbara M. Mama, Do You Love Me? J PIC JOO
   A child living in the Arctic learns that a mother's love is unconditional.
Kellogg, Steven. The Island of the Skog. J PIC KEL
   To escape the dangers of urban life, Jenny and her friends sail away
   to an island,only to be faced with a new problem—its single
   inhabitant--the Skog.
Merrill, Jean. The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars: A Twelfth-Century Tale from Japan. J FIC MER
   In this retelling of an anonymous twelfth-century Japanese story,
   the young woman Izumi resists social and family pressures as she
   befriendscaterpillars and other socially unacceptable creatures.
Paterson, Katherine. The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks. J PIC PAT
   A pair of mandarin ducks, separated by a cruel lord who wishes to
   possess the drake for his colorful beauty, reward a compassionate
   couple who risk their lives to reunite the ducks.
Pellegrini, Nina. Families are Different. J PIC PEL
   When Korean girl Nico expresses her unhappiness at being so
   different from her adopted Mommy and Daddy, her mother explains
   to her that all families are different--and special.
Reddix, Valerie. Dragon Kite of the Autumn Moon. J PIC RED
   When his grandfather is sick, Tad-Tin goes out to fly his special
   dragon kite, so that it can take all their troubles away with it.
Schaffer, Libor. Arthur Sets Sail. J PIC SCH
   Arthur the aardvark's trip to the land of the rosy-pink pigs
   lays the groundwork for more tolerance for the differences of
    others on the part of each group.
Seuss, Dr. Horton Hears a Who! J PIC SEU
   A city of Whos on a speck of dust are threatened with destruction
   until the smallest Who of all helps convince Horton's friends that Whos
   really exist
Wahl, Jan. Candy Shop. J PIC WAH
   When a boy and his aunt find that a bigot has written something
   on the sidewalk outside the candy shop owned by a new immigrant
   from Taiwan, they set out to comfort the owner.

Bruchac, Joseph. Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back : a Native American Year of Moons. J 811 BRU
   Celebrates the seasons of the year through poems from the legends
   of such Native American tribes as the Cherokee, Cree, and Sioux.
Carter, Jimmy. Talking Peace : A Vision for the Next Generation. J 327.17 CAR
   Discusses the various factors involved in peace negotiations
   and conflict resolution, examining such elements as the living
   conditions of citizens in peacetime and wartime and the effect of
   internataional relations on innocent citizens.
Dabcovich, Lydia. The Keys to My Kingdom : A Poem in Three Languages.J 398.8 DAB
   Retells the traditional nursery rhyme which takes the reader
   reader through the kingdom and through the day. The text
   appears in English, French, and Spanish.
Golenbock, Peter. Teammates. J 927.96 GOL
   Describes the racial prejudice experienced by Jackie Robinson
   when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first black
   player in MajorLeague baseball, and depicts the acceptance and
   support he recieved from his white teammate Pee Wee Reese.
Wang, Rosalind C. The Fourth Question : A Chinese Folktale Retold. JE 398.22 WAN
   A young man named Yee-Lee goes on a journey to the
   Wise Man of Kun-lun Mountain to discover the reason for his poverty.
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