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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a listing of our most commonly asked questions. Click the department you are interested in below to jump to that part of this page. Please email info@northshorepubliclibrary.org with any other questions or for further clarification, or call 631-929-4488.

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General Questions

Q- Can I translate this website into my language?
  • Yes, click the Translate link at the bottom right of the screen and click the flag that corresponds to the language you are looking for (hovering over the flag will tell you the language/country).
Q- What are the Library's hours? Q- Do you have a notary at the library?
  • No, there is no notary at the library.
Q- Are you accepting book donations? Q- Can I volunteer at the Library? Q- Are you hiring?
  • The Library is always accepting applications. Stop at the Reference Desk and ask for an application!
Q- Can I reserve a room?
Q- Do you have private rooms available?
  • No, we do not have private rooms.
Q- Does the Library have Wifi?
  • Yes, we offer public Wifi inside the building. The Library also offers Wifi Hot Spots for checkout!
Q- Do you have a fax machine to send out faxes, and how much does it cost to send a fax?
  • Yes and it is $.50 per page.
Q- Can I make copies at the Library?
  • Yes you can. There is a copy machine by the Children's Department inside the library. Black & white copies are 10 cents, color copies are 25 cents.
Q- Can I scan documents to my email or USB?
  • Yes, you can scan documents to your email or USB using our copier machine. USBs are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk if you do not have one.
Q- Can I print documents off of a USB?
  • Yes, just bring in your preloaded USB and we can help you to print JPEGS or PDFs off of your USB. Printing Microsoft office documents is not supported.
Q- Can I print from my phone?
Q- What tickets for area attractions may I get from the Library?
  • The library has discounted tickets seasonally for the Long Island Aquarium and the Bronx Zoo which must be paid for with cash or check. We also carry discounts for other local attractions at times too! Please call before coming in to make sure they are available as this is only offered seasonally and as tickets last. The library also offers numerous Museum Passes in the children's department too. Click here for more information on that!
Q- Do you have a policy for that?
  • For a listing of some of the most important library policies, click here! For more information, call 631-929-4488.
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Adult Programs

Q- How and when can I register for programs?
  • Registration for adult programs each month usually begins the first of that month (non-residents usually on the 5th of the month).
  • You can register in person at the Circulation Desk, by phone by calling 631-929-4488, or online by clicking here. ***Any program that has fees must be registered in person at the Circulation Desk.
  • Please include your email address when registering in order to receive any notes of change in a program status and or program links.
Q- At what age can I take a Language Learning course?
  • Language Learning classes are available for those ages 18 years and older.
Q- Do you offer virtual programming and how do they work?
  • Register as you would for any program, and make sure to include your email for links and updates. Zoom Links are sent approximately 30 minutes before the program begins. If you do not receive the Zoom link, please call the library,631-929-4488, ext. 225, 30 minutes before your program begins. Ask for the Reference Desk and one of our Librarians will forward you the link via email.
  • Some virtual programming has registration through Zoom itself. For these programs, the Zoom link will be sent to you with the registration confirmation email upon registering.
  • Do not share any link provided to you. You must be registered in order to be admitted into any virtual program. Visual/chat participation will be enabled only at the discretion of the presenter/program host or the library staff member co-host.
  • All virtual program attendees are asked to be mindful, polite, not disruptive to others. Guests will be removed from the program should they not conduct themselves in a professional manner.
Q- How can I show my art at the Library?
  • Please email ldoherty@northshorepubliclibrary.org for more information on showcasing your art at the Library.
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Adult Reference

Q- Why doesn't Overdrive work anymore? Q- Can I put items on hold?
  • You can put items on hold clicking here (enter your card information, then searching for the items you are interested in), by coming into the Library and speaking with a Librarian, or by calling the Library 631-929-4488 and asking for the Children's Department (for children's material) or the Adult Department (for teens and adult material).
Q- How will I get notified when my holds are ready to be picked up, and how long will they be held?
  • You will be notified by text, email, and/or phone call, depending on how you have your library card set up (speak to the Circulation Department for more information). Items will be guaranteed to be held for at least three days. After notified that material is available, head to the Circulation Desk for checkout.
Q- What online services are available to me through the Library?
  • There are numerous databases, services, programs, and material available to all our patrons, some even without a library card. For more information, call 631-929-4488 ext. 225, and ask for a Reference Librarian. You can also click this link and you will be directed to our Online Research/Databases page, which has many options available to you, including topics such as Antiques, Auto Repair, Books & Literature, Business & Finance, Careers/College, Community Databases, Consumer, Crafts, Education, Encyclopedias/Reference books, Genealogy, Government/Law, Health & Medicine, Language, Movies/Music & Entertainment, Periodicals & Newspapers, Science Resources, Senior Resources, Tax Info & Forms, and Travel.
Q- Can I get newspapers online through the Library?
  • Click this link and scroll down to ( or click on the left hand side) Periodicals & Newspapers to be take to all the available newspapers the Library has to offer online.
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Book Drop

Q- Where is the Book Drop located?
  • It is located outside the main entrance on the right as you face the building.
Q- When is the Book Drop available?
  • The Book Drop is available during Library hours of operation.
  • There will be No Access to the North Shore Public Library’s Book Drop on any day/time that the Library has a change in operating hours during a school event.
Q- What can I put in the Book Drop for returns?
  • Items such as CDs, books, and DVDs may be returned via the drop. The only items that may not be put in the drop box will have a note saying that they must be returned to the Circulation Desk. This includes such items as electronic devices and museum passes.
Q- What about fines if my materials are returned late?
  • Fines will be put on your account on the day the items are returned and you will be responsible for them.
Q- How long will my books stay in the Book Drop?
  • There will be two pick-ups a day.
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Children's Department

Q- How do I register my child for a library card? Is there an age requirement?
  • Children can get their own library card at birth! A parent or legal guardian with a valid North Shore Public Library Card must bring the child in to get their library card. Visit the Children’s Department to register your child for a card.
Q- How do I register for Children's Program?
  • You can register online, over the phone by calling 631-929-4488 ext. 223, or coming in person to the Children’s Department.
Q- Do I need a library card to register for programs?
  • Children must register using their own library card barcode. If your child does not have a library card and you wish to register for programs, call the Children’s Department at 631-929-4488 ext. 223.
Q- Do you accept Toy donations? Q- Do you have a list of local nursery schools? Q- Is the Ellison Paper Cutter available for patron use? Q- Do you offer Museum Passes? How do I get passes?
  • Yes, we offer FREE museum passes to over 20+ museums! All you need is a valid adult North Shore Public Library card. You can make reservations through our website here, call the Children’s Department at 631-929-4488 ext. 223, or visit the Children’s Department. Museum Passes are made for a specific date, and can be booked up to 60 days in advance.
Q- Do you offer any reading incentives for children?
  • In the Summer and Winter, children ages 3 years to Grade 5 are able to register for our Reading Clubs and earn prizes! We also offer our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program for Children not yet in Kindergarten.
Q- Can I leave the building while my child is attending a program?
  • No, Children in Grade 5 and younger must have a parent/guardian present in the building at all times.
Q- Do you have toys and games in the Children’s Room?
  • Our Children’s Room Play Space has been to designed to foster imaginative and creative play. We offer puppets, puzzles, tablets, trains and so much more!
Q- Are you still offering weekly Crafts-to-Go?
  • The Children’s Department is no longer offering crafts for families to take home, but please visit our brand new Art Cart located in the Children’s Room. Our Art Cart invites children and adults to create a craft with the provided supplies, or make their very own creation! The Art Cart is available any time the library is open.
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Q- What do I need to renew/obtain a library card?
  • You need to have a picture ID like a driver’s license or passport. If your street address is not on the ID, then you must also bring proof of address, such as a utility bill or tax bill stating where the service was provided, or your deed or lease. For more information, click here!
Q- I have my card, but forgot my password. What do I do?
  • To reset your password, click here, then click "Forgot Password." You will be sent to another page where you will then enter the required fields which will allow you to create a new password.
Q- I want to get a card for my child. What do I need to bring in?
  • You must be the child’s parent or legal guardian and the child must be present. You need to have a picture ID like a driver’s license or passport. If your street address is not on the ID, then you must also bring proof of address, such as a utility bill or tax bill stating where the service was provided, or your deed or lease. For more information, click here!
Q- What do I need to renew an item I’ve checked out?
  • We can renew most items over the phone if you provide your library barcode. Please come in if you have electronic devices, the sewing machine or record players as they must be physically present to renew them. If you are already in the library we then need to see your library card and we can renew most items even if you don’t have the items with you.
Q- How do I pay for a lost book/fine?
  • You may pay in the library with check or cash. If you would like to pay with a credit card, click on “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner. You will be redirected to livebrary.com where you enter your library card barcode number and password. On the left-side of your account info (under your name and address) the amount of the fines you owe is in blue. Click on this and input your credit card information to pay.
Q- How many items can I check out or have checked out on my card?
  • You may have a total of 75 items checked out on your card at one time, whether all at once, or from multiple visits to the library (as long as it is in good standing). There may be limits to how many specific items you may checkout at one time, such as movies, or magazines.
Q- How long can I keep a book/item out?
  • Some material have different loan periods. For more information on loan rules, click here. Keep in mind that most items can renew automatically, or by phone call. If items have been out too long, renewed too many times, are on hold for someone else, or your card is not in good standing, renewals will not be allowed.
Q- My material is late, what fines will I be charged?
  • For fine rates on NSPL material, click here. Material checked out from other Libraries (either from checking out an item from that library directly, or if the item was requested and sent from another library and checked out at NSPL) will have late fees according to that library's policy. Please contact that library for more information.
Q- How do I find my checkout history?
  • You can opt into an account history option on your account online. Click on “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner. You will be redirected to livebrary.com where you enter your library card barcode number and password. From there you can opt into checkout history. For more information, contact the library at 631-929-4488.
Q- Do I need my library card to return items?
  • No. Anyone can return items, either in the Book Drop outside or at the Circulation Desk.
Q- Can items from other libraries be returned at NSPL?
  • Yes, as long as they are part of the Suffolk County Library System. This does NOT include items that should be returned to school libraries.
Q- I haven’t been able to make it into the library, can I get a card online?
  • You may get a temporary 3-month library card by filling out a form online at our website. Please click here, fill out the form, and then you will need to eventually come into the library for a full two-year card.
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Young Adult

Q- How can I earn community service hours? Q- How can I find out how many community service hours I have earned? Q- Can I get a letter or signature acknowledging my community service? Q- Are there tutors at the Library?
  • You can access Brainfuse with your library card for live online tutoring and homework help. Lessons on school subjects, SAT and Regents Test prep, and a writing lab are some of the many features of this service.
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