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North Shore Publich Library

Circulation Policy

Patrons must have their library card in order to check out materials. Library cards must be renewed and updated every two years. At the time of library card renewal, patrons must present proof of address and a NSPL key tag or library card. Temporary cards are available (See section below). Parents must sign their child’s registration card and indicate the privileges they permit for their child. Parents or guardians who sign are responsible for any fines or materials borrowed by the child.

All North Shore Library cardholders may borrow:

  • Adult new books, test collection books, and holiday books for 14 days.
  • Adult Books (except new and holiday books) for 28 days.
  • There is a limit of 80 checked out items per card.
  • No Reference materials (marked REFERENCE) may be borrowed unless authorized by a librarian.
  • Children’s holiday books are loaned for 14 days, limit 5.
  • Young Adult books (except summer reading list books) are loaned for 28 days.
  • Summer Reading list books are loaned for 14 days.
  • Adult magazines, back issues and other periodicals for 14 days.
  • Current adult issues of periodicals may not be borrowed (no matter how many copies we have).
  • Current and back issues of Children’s Magazines for 14 days.
  • Children’s Toys to Spend the Night (1 bag) for 14 days, limit of 1.
  • Story Hour Express Theme Kits & Big Books for 7 days, limit of 1.
  • Video games 7 days.
  • iPad in-house borrowing one hour, see iPad policy.
  • Museum 1 Day Pass – see museum policy.


AV materials as follows:

Children’s AV

  • All Children’s DVDs & videos 14 days
  • Children’s DVDs for 14 days
  • Children’s Talking Books 28 days
  • Children’s CDs for 14 days
  • E-Books (Nooks) for 14 days
  • Playaways for 14 days
  • Video games 7 days, limit 2

Adult and Young Adult AV

  • New Feature Films and New Blu-rays and DVDs for 3 days
  • All Books on Tape and CD for 28 days
  • E-Books (Nooks) for 14 days
  • Feature Films and Blu-rays and DVDs (not new) for 14 days
  • All Instructional Films for 14 days
  • CDs for 14 days
  • Playaways for 14 days
  • Video games 7 days limit 2

All North Shore Public Library cardholders may reserve books and AV materials.


Full-Service Cardholders of other Suffolk County libraries who are in good standing with their home library may borrow:

  • Books, (excluding civil service)
  • Magazines, (back issues only)
  • Music Compact Discs
  • Books on Tape and CD
  • Feature films, Blu-rays, DVDs, and instructional DVDs
  • New feature films, Blu-ray’s and DVD’s may be checked out in person but are not able to be reserved by Non-North Shore Public Library cardholders.
  • The same North Shore Public Library loan periods and limits apply.
  • iPad in-house borrowing one hour, see iPad policy


Fine Schedule: 5 cents per day- all materials except new feature Blu-rays and DVDs, E readers, and Video Games.

  • Video games – 7 days – $1 a day
  • E readers – 14 days- $1 a day
  • New Adult DVDs- 3 day loan- $1 a day
  • New Adult Blu-rays- 3 day loan- $1 a day
  • Old DVDs and Videos- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Old Blu-rays- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • CDs- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Audiobooks- 28 days- 5 cents a day
  • Playaways- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • New Adult Books- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Test Books- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Adult Books- 28 days- 5 cents a day
  • New YA Books 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • YA Reading List- 14 days 5 cents a day
  • YA Books- 28 days- 5 cents a day
  • Children’s Books- 28 days- 5 cents a day
  • Children’s Holiday Books- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Children’s Toys- 14 days- 5 cents a day
  • Children’s LI Collection- 14 days- 5 cents a day
    Maximum fine: $5.00 per item.

Patrons will be charged list price for replacement of lost or damaged materials. Items become lost and are billed to the patron’s account after 35 days. Overdue Notices are sent as follows: first notice is sent 14 days after item is due, second notice is sent again 14 days after that, and third notice is sent 7 days after that. Upon the third notice the item is lost and billed (total of 35 days). The borrower is charged full replacement fee as well as the maximum fine. Items returned after 6 months are not returnable.

Non-compliance with library policies such as long overdue materials and outstanding fines (over $5.00) incur suspension of borrowing privileges. Overdue accounts with a total of $30.00 or more will be referred to the Unique Collection Agency for collection.


Replacement of lost library card or key tag- charge $5.00.

An NSPL library cardholder can obtain a replacement library card or key tag by showing proper identification or their full-size library card. If a patron does not bring their card with them to the library, the patrons can choose one of the following options:

  • Staff can hold materials on the hold shelf for three days so that patron can return to check the items out with their library card
  • Patron can pay $1.00 with proper photo identification to check-out
  • Patron can buy a replacement card for $5.00



Patron must present a library card in order to renew materials at the circulation desk. Generally two renewals per item except for designated materials and when on reserve for another patron. Patron may renew an overdue item at the circulation desk, at the self-check, or from their home computer or telephone. Patrons may renew and add the overdue fine to their card at the circulation desk.


Telephone Renewal

Patrons may call the library or leave their name and phone numbers on voice mailbox and a staff member will call patrons at home. Materials must
not be overdue to use this service.


Computer Renewal

Using the library’s computer homepage, patrons may renew their materials from home.


Inter-Library Loans

Loan period for inter-library loan materials is at the discretion of the lending library.



Patrons may reserve library materials. In addition to placing a reserve at the public services desks with a librarian’s help, patrons may reserve materials using
terminals in the library, by telephone or using the library’s homepage from their home computer.


Temporary Cards For North Shore Public Library Patrons

Temporary cards entitle the patron to full library privileges for one day only; and are printed on a circulation printer, dated and initialed by a circulation clerk.
Temporary cards may be obtained at the circulation desk for a service fee of $1.00 to be paid on the day the card is received.
Requirements for the card include:

  1. Patron must be a registered cardholder.
  2. There should be no fines over $5.00 on their account.
  3. Registration must be current (updated within the last two years).
  4. Patron must present acceptable identification (see acceptable identification section).


Acceptable Identification For Obtaining Library Cards

In all cases -proof of residency and one form of photo identification must be provided. Any questions regarding acceptable identification can be referred to the Head of Circulation or the Library Director.


  • Driver’s license
  • Deed
  • Utility bill
  • Lease
  • Car registration
  • Voter registration card
  • Tax bill
  • Passport

*If a patron has photo I.D., but does not have any of the above, they may fill out a postcard (provided by the library). When the patron receives the post card in the mail, it can be brought to the library (with photo I.D.) to receive their NSPL library card.


  • School identification such as library card or school photo I.D.
  • Letter from school office stating student’s name and address.
  • Letter from school office stating student’s name and address.
  • Parent can serve as identification if they are present and have a card or valid I.D. with

Any questions will be referred to the Head of Circulation or the Library Director.

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